La Sophisticate Collection: Feminine Jewelry & Sensual Accessories

Sophistication is in the eye of the beholder.  This concept of being sophisticated is varied and multi-faceted.  It can also mean that is is finished and elevated.  No matter what sophisticated looks like to you, it is important to have feminine jewelry and sensual accessories that adapt to different aspects of sophistication.  You can be work sophisticated or sensually sophisticated, or you can be playfully sophisticated.  Whatever role you want to assume, the La Sophisticate collection is designed to bring all levels of sophistication to your look.  Here is a look at each item in the collection:


Enchant your neckline with the sophisticated sweetness of the La Sophisticate Sweet Set!  This versatile and beautiful set is designed to highlight your femininity while keeping it sophisticated and perfect for work!  Transform your look instantly by adding this luxuriously feminine jewelry set to your look!


There is no stopping sophistication with this versatile and feminine necktie necklace from the La Sophisticate collection!  This necktie necklace features a luxurious pearl detail and lead-free chain designed to give your look a hint of menswear while maintaining and feminine and sensual finish.


Flirtation means sophistication.  The newest addition to the La Sophisticate bow chain belt is designed to bring sensuality and femininity to any boudoir look you desire.  Wear this flirty bow chain belt with your favorite pair of jeans, swim suit or lingerie set.  Discover your own femininity in this irresistibly feminine bow chain belt!


Complete any look with the simple addition of the La Sophisticate pearl hair chain!  This beautifully feminine hair chain is designed to bring a little bit of luxury into any look you desire.  Wear it to the office, out on a date or even to yoga, this versatile and  feminine hair chain is a beautiful way to accessorize any look!