Lacy Nothings for that First Date

The first impression.  It can make or break your connection.  When you step out on that first date you need to make a good impression, because it will linger longer than you think.  Having the confidence, the conversation and the clothes are some ingredients to make the sparks fly.  No matter if you are meeting for coffee, going for a walk on the beach or enjoying an elegant cocktail, having a little lacy in your look is a beautiful statement that perfect for that first date.  Lace is a feminine material that instantly softens and beautifies everything that it goes with.  Enjoy accessorizing for your first date with these lacy nothings:

Chantilly Lace Leg Garters

Lace your look with the sensual, the unexpected and the delightful.  Inspired by the city in the south of France, these beautifully feminine lace leg garters are perfect to wear under a short shirt or dress to pique your dates' curiosity.  These versatile leg garters will lace your look with romance, seduction and femininity.

Bougie Cage Bra

Surprise the one you want to impress with this lacy and feminine cage bra designed to hug your curves with femininity and style.  This flirty and lacy cage bra features a beautiful tye accent and lacy bra frame that can be worn over a contouring dress, under a blouse or even a simple t-shirt.  Define your style and go above expectations with this lacy cage bra.

 Lacing Love Bow Belt 

Discover where beauty intersects femininity with this enchanting bow belt destined to light up any look with flirtation.  Pair this handcrafted lace bow belt with your favorite black pencil skirt, little black dress or even jeans to make a first beautiful impression.  An adjustable waist allows you to wear it up high, down low or even around the back.  The world is yours with this feminine bow belt.


love, tara