Legtye Leg Garters That Are Not For A Wedding🎀

When we traditionally think of the sensual intimates that are leg garters, we tend to associate them with the bride, the garter toss and the garter we keep for the memory of getting married.  However, leg garters in recent years have been surfacing in different everyday styles.  Chain leg garters and bondage-inspired leg garters have been coming to light in micro-trends.  Whether you want to wear them under skirts, over tights or with your favorite lingerie, leg garters are becoming so much more than the traditional bridal leg garter.  Here are a few non-traditional leg garters that you can wear every day, all day:


Encircle your thighs with undeniable style in these ultra-flirtatious chain leg garters.  Inspired by streetwear, these chain leg garters feature a handcrafted satin tye and lead-free chain that dangles flirtatiously.  Wear them to the back or to the front, these versatile leg garters are super versatile so that you can wear them anyway to desire.  What's your vice?


Where luxury and sensuality collide.  The Centerfold Pearl Legtye leg garters are a boudoir favorite.  Creamy pearl link chains encircle the thighs for a luxuriously sensual experience.  Perfect, perhaps, for a wedding night, anniversary or birthday, these luxury-inspired leg garters make a beautiful surprise for your next striptease or a sweetly sensual gift.  


You're invited to explore your sensual style with these bondage-inspired leg garters designed to bring femininity and seduction into your style.  Soft elastic loops encircle the thighs while a handcrafted satin tye accents the top.  Wear them to the front, back or side, these ultra-versatile leg garters invite you to explore several styling options so you will not get bored:)  

Leg garters have come a long ways from the traditional bridal leg garter.  Whether you incorporate them into your everyday look, keep them for the boudoir or for your wedding day, leg garters have become an accessory that incorporates sensuality and femininity into your look.  Explore all the legtye leg garters here.