Let’s Kick It: Shoe Accessories You Need

Your shoes. You probably have a bunch of them. They go with you wherever you go. Sometimes you love them. Sometimes you hate them. But they are a very impactful and necessary part of your style. So give them the attention they deserve by adding shoe accessories to them! The Heeltye Collection is designed to highlight each step with sweet femininity. Whether you want to dress them up or play it cool, adding heeltye heel accessories make for a beautiful way to transform your shoe game. Heeltyes shoe accessories can be worn around heels, anklets or calves for the sweetest of statements. Here are a few heel accessories that will make you want to experiment with your accessorizing game plan:

Shoe Heel Feminine Accessories

Hickey Heel Fashion Accessories

These simple and sweet heel accessories are the perfect way to perk up any pair of boring shoes. These petite and versatile heel accessories feature a handcrafted satin tye and soft elastic band so that you can wear them around your ankles, calves or heels. These make an amazing way to accent fluffy socks or leg warmers with an extra touch of femininity. Now go make your mark.

Lady Heel Fashion Accessories

Be the lady that you are with these flirty and feminine heel accessories. The Lady Heeltye heel accessories feature an intricate elastic strap and handcrafted tye that you can wear to the front, back or side. Introduce femininity into your style with this unexpected approach.   Perfect for a bridal party or when you are having a foot fetish, these heel fashion accessories are available in black, pink and white.

XO Heel Fashion Accessories

Kiss each step with sweet femininity in the XO Heel Accessories. This feminine and simple heel accessories. The XO Heeltyes are a beautiful way to sweeten each step. These heel fashion accessories feature a handcrafted satin tye and an elastic strap that you can wear around your heels, anklets or calves for a feminine finish.