Sometimes the idea of a big wedding is just not your thing.  Whether it's the time investment or the actual dollars, putting on a wedding is a big and important event.  Perhaps instead of spending this energy and resources for the wedding, you would rather save the money for a new life together and elope instead.  To celebrate this occasion where love meets spontaneity, comes the inspiration behind the gifts: Let's Elope wedding gift.  This sensually sweet wedding gift set is a perfect way to say "let's elope," or when you need little imagination behind a sexy escape together. Here is a quick look at this beautiful wedding gift set:


Using radiate rhinestone mesh, the Let's Elope Gift Set is inspired to create sexy fantasies in your relationship.  Whether you are just dating, saying I Do, or have been together for several years, the Elope Bridal Wedding Gift Set is the perfect way to say I love you and you are all mine:) 

This bridal wedding gift set contains of sparkly handcuffs and a matching leg garter.  Perfect for a walk down the aisle to sweetening your most intimate moments, the Let's Elope bridal wedding gift set is designed to make special moments like this last forever.

How to say Let's Elope?  Let this sweet bridal giftset do it for you! Cherish each moment together with this love-inspired bridal wedding gift set.  Allow spontaneity be your guide with the super versatile handcuffs that are included with the set.  Tye them together or tye them to something else, this soft bondage will allow sensuality and versatility to collide with fresh possibilities. 

The Let's Elope leg garter is a perfect way to finish your bridal look.  Wear this radiate leg garter down the aisle, toss it away or keep it forever, this sparkly bridal accessory is the perfect accent on your big day!  Do you want to elope? 🎀