Light It Up 🎀 Feminine Fashion Accessories

Have you ever wondered what made some outfits better than most outfits?  Have you witnessed people admiring others for their style?  Do you wonder what their secret is?  Most likely, the secret is in the details.  The accessories.  The jewelry.  The unique pieces that make the outfit, the outfit.  Feminine jewelry is a big part of creating the statement that you desire.  Whether you want to go simple, go bold, go trendy or keep it classic, feminine jewelry has a way to make your look absolutely yours.  Anklets, belts, hair accessories, and shoe accessories can add a unique twist to whatever look you want.  And the Accessories Collection aims to create unique statements over and over again with a versatile design and classic feminine designs.  Create outfits that are the best version that you can with these feminine fashion accessories that you need in your accessory wardrobe:

Bow Anklet Feminine Fashion Accessories

Feminine Fashion Accessories || Starlet Bow Anklet 

Make each step even sweeter with the beautiful touch of the Starlet anklet!  This handcrafted ankle features soft satin tyes and handcrafted dovetail accents to give your look a little femininity mixed in with some edge appeal.  Perfect to wear with your favorite pumps, sandals or even just bare feet, this versatile and bold anklet makes your look unique and feminine.

Feminine Fashion Accessories || Fringe with Benefits Bow Belt  

Create a feminine statement that is evocatively playful with this flirty bow belt designed to light up any look.  The Fringe with Benefits bow belt features flirty fringe and a handcrafted satin tye that will go with whatever your heart desires.  An adjustable belt band makes it customizable so that you can wear it up high like an empress waist or down low to create any look you are going for.

Feminine Fashion Accessories || FaireFox Bow Hair Accessories 

Define flirtation and style with this feminine hair band designed to transform any hairstyle you desire.   The Fairefox Tyera bow headband features a petite satin tye and sexy picot-edged elastic so that you can easily wear it with any updo, ponytail, or even just down to create a feminine look effortlessly.  Designed with versatility in mind, this simply hair accessory is perfect to take with you from day to night.