Lingerie Drawer Makeover | 3 Sensual Intimates You Need

Have you ever worn something but needed a different bra?  Or maybe even need to take off your bra in order to wear it?  Lingerie is an important part of styling that is often and easily overlooked. It lays the foundation for your look and allows you to wear the things that you want to wear with style and ease.  No matter if you are going to a black tie event or just to work, you need to have the right lingerie that makes you feel comfortable all day or all night. It's time to take a look at your lingerie drawer and determine what is working for you and what is not.  The Intimates Colleciton of sensual lingerie accessories is designed to not only add style to your look but also give you the confidence you need to pull off any look you want!  Ranging from sparkly nipple covers to contouring lingerie harnesses to black leg garters, this collection is all about lighting up your look with femininity, elegance and confidence.  Delight the most basic look with a little extra in these sensual intimates that will make you look at accessorizing in an entire new way.  Here are 3 sensual intimates that you should consider adding to your lingerie drawer:

Sensual Lingerie Accessories

Sensual Intimates | Bougie Lacy Lingerie Harness

Define your style with sensuality and femininity in this body contouring lingerie harness designed to light up any look you want.  Create a feminine statement with this lacy lingerie harness by adding it to a basic white shirt, lingerie set or perhaps not a thing at all:)

Sensual Intimates | Centerfold Pearl Leg Garters

Discover where luxury and sensuality collide in these ultra-feminine leg garters that are flirty and feminine to wear.  The Centerfold pearl leg garters feature a luxurious pearl leg garters with soft elastic backing so that it will easily customize to your size.  A handcrafted tye sits on the back of the thigh for that extra touch of flirtation.

Sensual Intimates | Kinkette Nipple Clamps

Light up your sensuality with the sweetest of sensations in this best-selling nipple clamp necklace designed to make you discover your femininity.  This handcrafted sensual accessory features a sparkly choker and lead-free chain that caresses the torso for a sensual experience you can have again and again:)


love, tara