Luxury X Sensuality | Pearl Nipple Clamps

Like Coco Chanel once said, “before you leave, take one thing off.”  The idea of accessorizing is both an art and a science.  A blend of balance, color, and placement that will enhance your style, definition, and uniqueness.  No matter if you are going for something simple and refined, or something loud and bold, accessorizing is something that every fashionista has her own take on.  But there is an accessory that has been overlooked, has been judged and has a place in every women’s jewelry wardrobe.  That accessory is pearl nipple clamps.  They are luxurious and sensual.  They are feminine and sensational.  These are not your typical medical device looking nipples. They are non-committal so that you can easily wear them when you want, where you want and without the commitment nor investment in piercings.  The Niptyes Collection of luxuriously feminine nipple clamps is a lingerie accessory you should consider incorporating into your jewelry box.  Make it a night to remember or keep these for your private viewing only, but allow yourself to enjoy your sensuality with these luxurious pearl nipple accessories.  Ahead are 3 pearl nipple clamps to consider for your next intimate accessorizing opportunity: 

Pearl Nipple Clamps

CAKE Pearl Nipple Clamps

Enjoy something luxurious and sensual with the CAKE-inspired pearl nipple clamps.  A treat for yourself or the one you love, these must-have pearl nipple clamps are the perfect topping to any intimate affair.  The CAKE pearl nipple clamps feature handcrafted satin tyes and a luxurious pearl strand that connects them to create a sensual statement.

Marie Antoinette Nipple Clamps

Available in white, black and pink these handcrafted velvet and pearl nipple clamps are a beautiful way to accent your lingerie style.  Soft velvet tyes mingle with a teardrop pearl that makes this the perfect accent to your boudoir wardrobe.  Non-piercing nipple clamps allow you to wear them over and over anytime the moment calls for it.


Love, tara