Make Your Mani Sweeter with Black Bow Rings

Hygiene.  It's one of those things that you care about but sometimes it's hard to keep up with. You create a beautiful routine and then sometimes life gets in the way.  For those times when you chip a nail or in the growing out phase, having a little sweet on your accents will create a soft and sweet statement no matter if you have a fresh mani or haven't don't anything at all.  Ahead are three black bow rings ringtyes that you should consider when you are crafting your accessorizing strategy.

The Highness Black Bow Ring

Layer it on with this irresistibly feminine bow ring from the Highness Collection.  This beautifully feminine bow ring features soft satin and an adjustable ringband that you can delight any look you wish.  Inspire the soft glam in your favorite #ootds with this feminine black bow ring.

The Enchantress Black Bow Ring

Interject a bit of magic into everything that you touch with this elegantly feminine black bow ring from the Enchantress Collection.  This wispy and flirty black bow ring features an adjustable ringband and handcrafted satin tye that you can take anywhere you heart desires.

The XO Black Bow Ring 

Kiss your look with flirtatious femininity in this bold and whimsical black bow ring from the XO Collection.  This handcrafted satin bow ring is perfect for cocktail hour, out to brunch or simply lounging around your boudoir.  Who knew your #mani could be this sweet.