Mane Chick: Feminine Hair Accessories

Do you often wonder how to style your hair?  Do you look through Instagram and magazines trying to find a new cut, color or style?  If so, perhaps an easy answer to your quest for something new is to add some hair accessories into your daily routine.  Having a good mix of different hair accessories will allow you to blend elegance and femininity into your look.  Whether you want it all up away from your face or down and messy, there is a hair accessory to help you achieve any look your hair desires.  Styling your hair does not have to be difficult nor time-consuming.  Here are a few hair accessories that will make your look feminine and effortless:

Feminine Hair Fashion Accessories

 Goddess Sparkly Headband

Simplicity is sweet in this beautifully versatile bow headband from the Goddess Collection!  This flirty and feminine hair accessory is perfect to wear to work, to yoga class, even on that first date.  This sparkly headband hair accessory is really perfect to wear whenever you need a little sparkle.  The Goddess Tyera headband features a soft elastic sparkly headband and a handcrafted tye so that you can wear it at the nape of the neck for a sweet surprise.  Delight your look instantly with this simple and feminine headband.

Chantilly Lace Headband  

 Enchant your look with the simplest and most elegant of styles in this beautiful headband from the Chantilly Collection!  This beautifully feminine headband features a soft metallic lace and satin ribbon that encircles your head for a flirty affair.  Perfect to wear to work or out to play, this headband creates the ultimate feminine finish.  Transform any hairstyle with this beautiful hair accessory.

Marie Antoinette Hair Bow Comb 

Sometimes the smallest detail makes the biggest impact with this simple and petite hair bow comb from the Marie Antoinette Collection!  This beautiful and feminine hair accessory is perfect to wear with your hair up, down or however your heart desires.  This hair bow comb features a soft velvet ribbon and salon style comb so that you can insert it into any style you like.