Masculine x Feminine 🎀 Accessories That Will Take You Anywhere

Crossover pieces have been a thing for a while now.  Women take items from traditionally masculine wardrobes and give it a feminine twist.  White business shirts, neckties, business style slacks, oversized hoodies, and the list goes on.  But to enjoy this tension of the masculine with the feminine, you have to strike a harmonious balance.  Taking a little from the other sexes' wardrobe while celebrating the origin and first intend of the look is always something that can be kinda tricky to pull off.  Pairing masculine accessories with feminine looks like a pencil skirt, lingerie set or lacy nothing is the perfect way to take a strong symbolic masculine accessory and soften it with femininity.  Here are 3 fashion accessories that you can enjoy the beautiful and magical duality of the masculine and the feminine: 

Feminine Intimate Accessories

Feminine Intimate Accessory • Femme Fatale Lingerie Harness 

Using traditionally masculine lines with a tuxedo vibe, this sensual lingerie piece is a beautiful way to create a powerful look with a feminine twist.  This lingerie harness features a soft elastic torso with adjustable waist and bowtye choker.  Wear this sensually masculine piece under a blazer, with your favorite lacy nothing or even over a simple white shirt.  The options are endless with this original lingerie harness.

Feminine Jewelry • Do Me Proper Collared Necklace 

Flirt with sophistication and femininity with this ultra-feminine bow necklace that will go with you wherever you go.  Enjoy versatile and effortless accessorizing with this sensual bow necklace.  Featuring a handcrafted satin tye in the center, this bow necklace has a chain collared drape that you can wear with your favorite business shirt, little black dress or lingerie set!

Necktie Necklace • Executive Necktye

Inspired by elegance, femininity and beauty, this necktie necklace features strategically placed pearls throughout the design to give the feelings of femininity with a masculine structure.  This necktie necklace is so elegant and versatile you might not want to take it off!  Enjoy pairing it with your favorite business suit, cocktail dress or low cut shirt.


love, tara