#MondayMotivation • Necktie Necklaces

It's Monday.  That day of the week you either love or loathe.  Getting ready to head to work may seem like a daunting task.  What are you going to wear today?  What's the weather going to be like?  I only have 5 minutes until I need to leave.  Does this sound familiar?  If it does, creating a wardrobe strategy at night might streamline your mornings so that all you have to do is get up and go.  Deciding what you are going to wear the night before can help your day start off quickly and efficiently and as you decide what you are going to wear, don't forget to incorporate accessories like necktie necklaces.  These powerful and versatile accessories are designed to give you confidence, luxury, and femininity that you crave in a fashion accessory.  While often overlooked, the details can help you punctuate your style with a feminine finish that you can create again and again.  Here are 3 necktie necklaces from the Necktyes Collection to consider for your next Monday morning:

Necktie Necklaces

Necktie Necklaces • Scandal Necktye 

When you are looking for something that you can take everywhere, wear the Scandal necktie necklace.  This seductively simple necktie necklace features creamy glass pearls and dramatic lead-free chain that is so beautifully versatile that you can wear it wherever your heart desires. 

Necktie Necklaces • Executive Necktye

Discover sophistication and style with this dainty and powerful necktie necklace designed to transform your decollete with sweetness and femininity.  This necktie necklace features strategic pearls that cascade down that you can easily pair with a low cut shirt, blazer or even your favorite lingerie set.

Necktie Necklace • Hypnotic Necktye

Create a feminine look that is powerful and magnetic with this necktie necklace inspired by exotic luxury.  The Hypnotic necktie necklace features luxurious pearl link chain and a dramatic neckline that will easily seduce your onlookers.  Perfect to pair with a black business suit, lacy blouse or low cut teddy, this necktie necklace will go with you wherever you go.

love, tara