Necktie Necklaces to Wear to Work

Decisions, decisions. Sometimes you have to decide your day away when you are at work or hustling at your own thing. Today’s business climate brings lots of opportunities and challenges that is why it is important to meet them with femininity, grace and style. That is the premise for the Necktie Necklace collection; the ability to create stylish looks on a budget while looking luxuriously sweet and feminine. Here are a few necktie necklace to complete your look no matter what challenges you have to meet! 


The Centerfold necktie necklace is a beautifully sweet feminine accessory that defines your torso just like a traditional necktie necklace but with grace and femininity. A feminine pearl link chain encircles the neck while dainty chain cascades down the décolleté for a sweet finish. Wear this beautiful necktie necklace with your favorite business suit to give your look an ultra-feminine finish. 


Define your style with sweet sensuality in this ultra-feminine necktie necklace inspired by intimate moments of unexplainable passion. The French Kiss necktie necklace features a beautiful pearl-link chain accent with a lead-free chain that drapes around the décolleté just like a traditional necktie but with a feminine touch. Style this necktie necklace with your favorite boudoir outfit for a menswear-inspired touch or with your favorite business suit, the feminine necktie necklace is a beautiful companion no matter where this world takes you!


Where will you go with this irresistibly sweet necktie necklace from the Kismet Collection? The styling options are varied and plentiful, let this necktie necklace unleash the styling options that you never knew were possible! The Kismet necktie necklace blends traditional with feminine by creating a beautiful drape around your décolleté while dainty lead-free chain cascades down the torso for a beautiful finish that makes this necktie worth wearing again and again.