New🖤 Black Heart Limited Edition Collection

Love is in the air this time of year. With candy hearts, red and pink vibes and love letters in full effect, Valentine's Day is a beautiful time to show the ones we love how much we care.  Whether you are buying something for the love of your life or showing yourself a little #selflove, there is something everyone can enjoy this time of year.  The Black Heart Collection is inspired by love but also goes a little deeper by evoking different emotions that love can cause.  It can be the secrecy of an affair, attraction to a stranger or a lustful daydream, whatever emotions love can conjure up is the premise and the inspiration behind this limited edition collection.  Here is a look at a few items in the collection:

Black Heart Limited Edition Collection

Sparkly Black Heart Nipple Covers

Show the love this #VDay with these love-inspired nipple covers designed to light up your most intimate moments with style, seduction and sparkle!  These handcrafted nipple pasties feature a satin looped heart and satin tye to accent your every move.  Enjoy seduction and playful femininity with these handcrafted nipple covers!

Black Heart Leg Garter

Make each step a little more sensual with this handcrafted leg garter designed to light up your curves with love and sensuality.  The Black Heart leg garter features a satin tye and soft elastic strap that comfortably hugs your thighs all day or all night!  A perfect gift for the one you love!

Black Heart Hair Bow

Kiss any hairstyle with femininity and love with this handcrafted satin black hair bow!  This black hair bow features a satin looped heart and satin tye accent to give your look a hint of femininity and flirtation.  Wear it with a head full of curls or your . favorite updo style.

Black Heart Satin Handcuffs

Discover your boundaries and push yourself into the unknown with this satin handcuffs designed to make your most intimate moments even sweeter:) The Black Heart satin handcuffs feature a long satin tye and adjustable loop in the center to create magical moments of seduction and love.

love, tara