New Year New You 🎀 3 Bow Rings For the New Year

When it comes to ringing in the new year, it’s important to look at what’s in your jewelry box.  Are you actually wearing any of your jewelry or is it just collecting dust?  This is the perfect time to evaluate what you want to keep and what you should donate or repurpose.  Having a solid strategy for accessorizing on the daily is a beautiful way to save time, effort and dollars.  So ring in the new year with new jewelry that you want to wear and will wear again and again.  That is the inspiration behind the Ringtyes Collection.   This collection features a variety of different adjustable rings to fit on any finger and are all so adaptable you could wear them to a black tie event or just hanging out with friends.  Enjoy accessorizing effortlessly with this adaptable collection of bow rings.  Here are 3 bow rings for you to ring in the New Year!

Black Bow Ring

Black Bow Ring | Secrets Ringtye

What’s your secret?  Enjoy accessorizing with the simpliest of ease in this handcrafted bow ring designed to go with you wherever you want to go!  This bow ring features a handcrafted organza tye and silver-plated adjustable ring so that you can wear it easily and comfortable all day and all night.

Black Bow Ring | XO Ringtye

When you want to make a statement or wear something a little extra, enjoy the beauty and ease of the XO Ring.  This bow ring features a satin tye with flirty loops and an adjustable ring band that allows you to wear it on any finger you like!  Kiss your look with a hint of femininity in this black bow ring!

Black Bow Ring | Bombshell Ringtye

Be the bombshell that you are with this bold and beautiful bow ring!  The Bombshell ringtye features a handcrafted satin tye and silver-toned adjustable ring band.  This is a feminine way to top off a manicure, for cocktail hour or when you just want a steady go to for work.


love, tara