No Bad Hair Days with Hairtyes

It's that time. Time to decide what to do with your hair.  Wear it up? Down? Curl it?  There are a variety of different ways you can style your hair.  But before you starting getting all Pinterest board-like, look at what accessories you can use to help you achieve the look you want.  Having a solid hair accessory wardrobe will help you avoid bad hair days.  They can also help you decide what to do with your third-day hair situations. And that is why the Hairtyes Collection is something that you should consider when you are creating your hair accessory game.  These handcrafted hair bows are a beautiful and feminine way to create a hairstyle that you will want to rock again and again.  Read on to discover 3 hairtyes that will help you avoid bad hair days and discover new hairstyles:

Hair Accessories Feminine Hair Bows

Feminine and Luxurious • Bougie Black Lace Hair Bow Comb 

Flirt with luxury and style in this feminine and flirty black lace hair bow comb from the Bougie Collection!  This handcrafted hair bow is inspired by all things extra and well, Bougie.  Experience hairstyling with the romance of lace and the power of femininity.  Perfect to wear with your little black dress, business suit or even your favorite sexy nothing, this black lace hair bow will go with you wherever you want to go.  For your next hair accessory purchase, consider the Bougie black lace hair bow comb!

 Classic & Simple • Princesa Satin Black Hair Bow

Have you ever read a romance novel and felt so inspired to kick up your own personal life that you start shopping for it?  Like buying that sexy lingerie piece or that hair accessory to create the mood you want.  That is the inspiration behind the Princesa hair bow.  It is clean and classic so you can create a variety of different looks by simply inserting it into any hairstyle you desire.

 Petite & Powerful • The Marie Antoinette Velvet Hair Bow

When you are looking for a little bit of luxury and feminine, enjoy accessorizing with this petite and beautiful hair bow comb from the Marie Antoinette Collection!  Inspired by all things feminine and classic, this salon-style hairbow is a beautiful way to light up your look effortlessly.  Wear this petite hair bow to the side or to the back to enjoy accessorizing your next hairstyle.


love, tara