On the Catwalk: How To Accessorize and Master Your Strut

Have you ever watched the Victoria's Secret runway show and somewhere in the middle of the show got up to practice your catwalk moves?  Well, you are not alone my friend!  After all, the way to walk, stand and pose ourselves defines some of our implicit characteristics.  If you are a model, have modeled before or never modeled at all, being aware of how we carry ourselves throughout our day to day life is a good observation to make.  Here are a few ways to accessorize and perfect your strut wherever this world leads you:


Walking with a book on your head to practice posture is an old practice that can still be used today to practice good posture.  Walk with your head held high and your shoulders slightly back so that your legs go first and you are not leaning into the next step.  Let your legs make the moves.  Imagine you are walking on a tightrope.  Make sure your toes are pointed forward so they are straight, not outward like a ballerina.  To make your posture even sweeter, try the Lacing Love bodtye lingerie harness around your waist.  This sexy lingerie harness hugs your mid-section and moves with you as you let your legs make all the moves. 


We all have our own rhythm, and you will naturally come to find yours when you become attuned to how your body moves naturally.  Much like a heartbeat, your natural way of walking is innately who you are.  I tend to walk swiftly and light on my feet, you might be more intentional with your steps and go at a different pace.  The important thing there is to recognize and develop your own natural rhythm and not to imitate anyone else's.  This is about you, so celebrate what you got.  When I am getting into rhythm, I love wearing the XO Heeltyes shoe bows.  Not only can you wear them around your heels, but also your ankles and calves.  Kiss each step you take with femininity and grace. 


Walking without personality is, well, really boring.  Bring your strut into life with some personality.  Whether it's getting your hips involved, putting your arms on your hips or rising the roof, you have to make this fun and you have to make it uniquely you.  Making eye contact or even throwing in a wink here and there, never hurt anybody. Make your cat walk all yours.  To make my steps even sweeter, I wear the Princesa Anklet.  This sparkly and feminine anklet is a glamorous way to sweeten your strut.