Party of One • Black Leg Garters

Leg garters.  Mostly known for the bride have made the crossover to the mainstream.  From chain leg garters to leather garters to black leg garters.  Sensualize your look with femininity and style with these flirty and feminine collection of black leg garters designed to light up any look with femininity and seduction.  From soft elastic to intricate detail, the Legtye Collection of black leg garters is a beautiful way to light up your look.  Create a sensual statement effortlessly with this collection of feminine black leg garters that can create a beautiful look again and again.  Whether you are enjoying some time to yourself or having a party all your own, you can create a beautiful statement with these unique and handmade black leg garters.  Here are 3 black leg garters that you can enjoy any season you want:

Black Leg Garters

Invitation Black Leg Garters

Invite with beauty and femininity with these sensual accessories designed to light up your look with sweetness and edge.  The Invitation leg garters feature a handcrafted satin tye and soft elastic loops that fit around the thigh for a flirtatious and feminine finish.  Invite sweet seduction into your look with these handcrafted black leg garters.

Lady Black Leg Garters

Be the lady that you are with these intricately detailed waisted leg garters designed to give your look a hint of flirtation and seduction.  These handcrafted leg garters feature petite tyes at the legs and a soft elastic band that encircles the waist and the thighs for a ladylike finish that is irresistibly feminine!

Centerfold Pearl Leg Garters

Be the centerfold that you are with these pearl black leg garters that mix femininity and elegance together.  The Centerfold pearl leg garters are a beautiful way to sensualize any look.  Enjoy them under a short skirt, above leggings or anyway your heart desires!


love, tara