Pearl Bow Earrings

How do you create a classic style that you can wear over and over again without second-guessing yourself? There are several outlets of inspiration. The first place that comes to mine is old glamour-saturated movies. With feminine dresses and perfect updos, these classic movies could help you start to get your creative juices flowing. Second, looking at woman that you admire and seeing what they are wearing and how they are accessorizing their looks could give you insight to how you want to dress. Lastly, selecting a simple accessory that you can wear from the office to a night out could help you test different accessorizing methods to see if they elevate your style. One accessory that is perfect to try is pearl earrings. Known for their versatility and femininity, these beautiful feminine earrings will go with you wherever you want to go. Ahead are two pearl earring designs that we offer on that will help you discover just how classic you are.

Marie Antionette Pearl Bow Earrings

Inspired by the modern woman with a classic taste, these versatile velvet bow earrings are a beautiful way to accessorize your favorite looks. From a work meeting to a first date, these earrings are pretty much your #bff. An elegant tear drop glass pearl instantly highlights your cheeks and neck to give a sensual glow that you can enjoy whenever your heart desires. Accessorize these earrings with your favorite pencil skirts and menswear structured shirts to complete your look with femininity and classic style.

Marie Antionette Pearl Pink Earrings

Designed for the classic woman at heart, these petite yet powerfully feminine bow earrings are a beautiful and effortless way to create a timeless look that you can enjoy again and again. These pearl bauble earrings feature a handcrafted satin tye and bauble round pearl accent that will instantly play up your cheeks with undeniable femininity. Perfect with a business suit or party dress, these pearl bow earrings are a beautiful way to enjoy classic accessorizing.