Pleasure & Pain 🎀 Experience Nipple Clamps

Black and white.  Love and hate.  Pleasure and pain.  The contrasting duality is what captivates our emotions and allows us to experience a different spectrum of all the feels.  This happens with love, with music and with nipple clamps.  Yes, nipple clamps.  And you don't have to have the permanency of a piercing.  Clamps squeeze onto your nipples to deliver a sensation that can be both painful and amazing. The breasts are stock full of nerve endings, especially the nipples.  And these little nerve endings deliver information to the brain.  This cognitive activation lights up your brain to receive the feelings you experience and harden up your nipples.  Enjoy these amazing human reactions with the help of the Niptye Collection.  This collection of non-piercing nipple clamps is inspired by a playful curiosity that allows you to experience all the pleasure and pain you desire.  Whether you want to give a strip tease or simply enjoy the feeling of erotic accessories, this collection is for you.  Here are a few nipple clamps to consider for your next erotically-charged adventure:

Feminine Sensual Erotic Lingerie Accessories

Feminine Erotic Jewelry | Secrets Nipple Clamps

These petite yet insanely powerful nipple clamps are the perfect way to start your sensual jewelry adventure.  The Secrets nipple clamps feature handcrafted organza tyes with a flexible nipple clamp that allow you to wear them any time you please.  Wear them under a sheer shirt, a blouse or with just your bare skin. 

Feminine Erotic Jewelry | Kinkette Nipple Clamps

Light up your most intimate moments with this seductively fabulous collar and nipple clamp accessory.  Inspired by the hidden Kinkette in us all, this amazingly flirty nipple clamp necklace is awesome to wear with a low cut shirt, under a blazer or with not a thing at all.  The world of sensations is all yours with this must-have nipple clamp necklace!

Feminine Erotic Jewelry | Vice Nipple Clamps

Discover your vice with this simplistically sweet nipple clamp necklace designed to bring style and seduction to your look.  The Vice nipple clamps feature handcrafted satin tyes and lead-free chain dangle delightfully with every move.  Create a sensual look that is all yours with this erotically sensual and feminine accessory!