Pour Some Honey On Me: 3 Ways to Wear Your Honey Beltye

Embrace the summertime with a touch of playful femininity in the Honey Beltye body chain!  This ultra-versatile and undeniably feminine bow body waist chain is a perfect accessory to wear during the summer.  Pool party-ready, this dainty body waist chain is a sweet accessory that features a handcrafted satin tye and lead-free chain.  Wear it to the front, the back or to the side, this body chain is a must-have accessory this summer!  Here are a few fashion tips on how to wear your Honey beltye body waist chain:


When you are wearing pants with loops, try threading the Honey Beltye waist chain through the loops for a flawlessly feminine finish.  This is a stylish way to wear the Honey beltye waist body chain to work or in a more formal setting.  Try wearing the tye in the very front for a sweet and dainty look or to the back to bring some attention to your curves.  Whatever way to decide to place the tye, looping it through your pants is a fashionable way to wear your Honey Beltye bow waist chain.


When you are heading out for the night, break up that solid cocktail bodycon dress by adding this flirty body chain to your waist.  The Honey Beltye bow body waist chain comes in three different colors: black, pink and white. Choose a color that adds a bit of contrast to your dress.  Celebrate your curves with a hint of femininity by wearing the tye to the front, side or back.  The options are all yours. 


When you are poolside lounging, the Honey Beltye bow waist chain is a sweet accessory to add to your swimsuit.  Wear it low around the waist for a sensual statement.  This body chain is adjustable so it will accommodate to your curves.  If you want to skip the pool, try adding this sweet body chain to your favorite boudoir look.  Wearing this body chain with lingerie is a great way to create a feminine look.