PTO 🎀 Feminine Accessories for Your Next Getaway

When it's time to take a vacation, it's time to take a vacation.  Sometimes you get jaded.  You get tired.  And you just need a break from it all.  That is perfectly normal and healthy to take regular breaks from the day to day and experience life without the restrictions, the phone calls, the emails of your daily work life.  Rediscover yourself and your style with feminine accessories that will help define your look and your personality.  The Accessories Collection of belts, anklets, shoe accessories and hair accessories is designed to create a variety of different looks without much investment of time nor dollars.  So having a fresh look anytime you want to take some time off is a beautiful way to rediscover your style.  Accessorizing is a great strategy for staying stylish for your next getaway.  Whether you are going on a quick trip a few miles away or hoping on a jetliner and seeing the world, having versatile and feminine accessories is a great way to maintaining your style.  Here are a few feminine accessories to consider for your next getaway:

Feminine Accessories for your Next Vacation

Feminine Accessories || Doll Bow Belt 

Experience style like never before with this ultra-feminine bow belt designed to take your look from boring to feminine instantly.  This adjustable bow belt features a handcrafted satin tye and soft elastic belt so that you can easily wear it with jeans, a dress or even your favorite lingerie set.  This bow belt is so versatile you can wear it to the front, back or side.  Rediscover accessorizing on your next getaway.

Feminine Accessories || FaireFox Anklet 

Walk this way to feminine style with the FaireFox bow anklet!  This bow anklet is a beautifully handcrafted anklet that features a soft picot-elastic band and soft satin tye that you can wear anytime your heart desires.  This bow anklet is so versatile it will go with you wherever you go.  Wear this bow anklet with your favorite sandals, pumps or even just barefoot.

Feminine Accessories || Femme Fatale Headband 

Flirt with style in this ultra-feminine bow headband designed to make any hairstyle feminine and weekend-proof.  Wear this headband for it's functionality and style by keeping your hair off your neck while maintaining a beautiful hairstyle.  Perfect for any getaway you are about to depart on, allow this feminine accessory to deliver feminine style to any look you desire.