Put On A Show 🎀 Burlesque Pasties

The lights have gone done low.  The music is soft.  The mood has got you lost deep within yourself as you begin to put on a show. But this is no ordinary show, this is a show of love, of passion and a little mystery.  Because what is hiding behind thos sensual nipple covers, some might never know.  Experience the magic of your sensuality with the Pastyes Collection of feminine nipple covers.  These sensual accessories are designed to highlight your femininity with elegance, beauty and style.  Ranging in styles from elegant to sparkly, this collection of lingerie accessories is perfect to wear for your next striptease.  Delight your loved one or seduce your onlookers with these reusable nipple covers that you can use again and again.  Enjoy putting on a show like never before with these ultra-feminine nipple covers designed to help you discover your sensual style.  Ahead are 3 nipple covers for you to experience in your next burlesque show or intimate encounter:

Burlesque Bow Nipple Covers

Burlesque Pasties | Daisy Flower Nipple Covers

Experience the magic of your femininity with these handcrafted burlesque nipple covers designed to light up your look with beauty and femininity.  These nipple cover pasties feature a soft chiffon flower and handcrafted organza tye that is designed to delight and tease.

Burlesque Pasties | Vanity Pink Sparkly Nipple Covers

The heart will go on.  Experience the magic and the fun of the Vanity bow nipple covers!  These handcrafted sparkly nipple covers feature an intricate design with a satin tye that sits mischievously off to the side.  Enjoy entertaining like never before with these feminine nipple covers.

Burlesque Pasties | Pearlure Bow Nipple Covers

Delight your look with luxury, femininity and sensuality with these show-stopping pasties designed to tease and delight.  The Pearlure nipple covers feature a handcrafted satin tye and luxurious tear-drop pearl that will flirt with every move you make.  Discover your femininity with these sensual nipple covers.

with love, tara