Quick & Easy Hairstyles with Feminine Headbands ✨

When it comes to doing your hair, you have a lot of options.  There are barrettes, scrunchies, pony tailer holders and headbands to mention just a few.  But if you are looking for something that is super effortless and looks amazing and also keeps the hair off your face than you will love the Tyera Collection of feminine headbands.  This collection features a beautiful variety of headbands that allow you to style your hair with beauty and femininity.  Using a wide range of materials like link pearl chain to intricate elastic, this collection of beautiful feminine headbands is a quick and easy solution if you need to do something with your hair quickly.  Whether you are running late to a yoga class or catching up with some friends, the Tyera Collection of feminine headbands has something for everyone.  Here are 3 feminine headbands that you should incorporate into your accessory wardrobe:

Feminine Headbands

Lady Tyera • A Simple and Versatile Feminine Headband

Create a simple and beautiful look with the Lady Tyera, a feminine headband inspired by all things ladylike.  This beautifully handcrafted handband features a handcrafted tye and intricately-patterned elastic that is so comfy to wear you might not want to take it off.  This versatile headband is perfect to match with your workout clothes to your business suit.  Enjoy the spectrum of different looks you can create with this feminine headband.

Centerfold Tyera • A Beautiful Pearl Headband

When you are looking for elegance and femininity, look no further than the Centerfold Tyera.  Inspired to bring out the centerfold in you, this beautiful pearl headband features a pearl link chain and soft elastic fit that you can easily incorporate into any formal updo.  Perfect for weddings, black tie events or whenever you need a little luxury in your life.

Highness Tyera • A Simple and Sweet Feminine Headband 

Crown yourself, your Highness, with this simple and versatile feminine headband designed to light up any look with femininity.  This black bow headband features a layered satin tye and soft elastic headband that you can wear around to the back, the side or on top of your head for a crowning experience.

love, tara