Respect Meets Style 🎀 Necktie Necklaces

A necktie.  A symbol of power.  A symbol of success.  A symbol of masculinity.  Enjoy all the symbolism and make it yours with a feminine twist, of course. The Necktye Collection of feminine necktie necklaces feature a beautiful range of luxuriously handcrafted neckties designed to delight the decollete with style and respect. You might have seen a few females crossover this trend with a traditional necktie, but this collection allows you to experience your own twist and make it your own. No matter if you are heading into a meeting or just going out to brunch, this collection of tie necklaces are a treat to wear with your favorite white collared shirt, blouse or even take it into the evening with that sexy little black dress.  Enjoy mixing professionalism with sensuality in this dynamic collection of necktie necklaces.  Boost your confidence and contour your torso with these feminine necktie necklaces inspired by power and success. Ahead are 3 necktie necklaces that you should consider to wear to your next meeting:

Necktie Necklaces

French Kiss Necktie Necklace

Flirt with femininity and sophistication with this handcrafted necktie necklace designed to make your torso structured and polished.  The French Kiss necktie necklace features lead-free chain and glass pearls that delight the neck with femininity and style.

La Sophisticate Necktie Necklace

Give your look a touch of sophistication with this luxuriously handcrafted necktie necklace designed to highlight your look.  Wear this simple and modern take on the necktie with your favorite business suit or sexy dress.  Experience new accessorizing techniques with this flirty and feminine necktie necklace.

Centerfold Necktie Necklace

Discover femininity and glamour in this pearl necktie necklace.  Inspired by the seductiveness of a centerfold, this necktie necklace creates a beautiful accessorizing experience that you can wear with whatever your heart desires.  Be the centerfold that you are. 

love, tara