Satin Cuffs You Need

While the world of bondage and intimate accessories has become increasingly popular and expansive in the last decade, satin cuffs remain a beautiful way to begin your exploration. While there is a variety of feminine soft bondage handcuffs on the market today, satin cuffs are an easy way to experience the magic of sweet surrender without the fear.  Whether you're heading to your honeymoon or just want to try something new, ahead are 3 satin cuffs that you need in your life:

Madame White Lacy Satin Cuffs

Experience the elegance of sweet surrender with these satin cuffs with an intricate elastic detail from the Madame Collection.  These ultra-feminine satin cuffs feature a sliding loop design making it perfect to encircle your ankles or wrists.  Nothing is sweeter than knowing you can escape into your wildest fantasies without the fear. 

Mademoiselle Faux Pearl Satin Cuffs

Escape into your most sensual dreams with the Mademoiselle faux pearl satin cuffs designed to create a luxurious statement.  These discreet yet powerful faux pearl handcuffs are a beautiful way to experience bondage.  Large bauble-like faux pearls surround the wrists or ankles for an escape you'll want to experience again and again.

ExGirlfriend Pink Satin Cuffs

Bondage but make it like jewelry. Surrender with style in mind with these bangle-inspired handcuffs.  Inspired by the ExGirlfriend in us all, these satin cuffs are a beautiful gift to suggest something new in the bedroom or a fun way to experience surrender without the fear.