Say I Do: Feminine Bridal Accessories

When it comes to walking down the aisle and expressing your love to your one and only, have the right feminine bridal accessories is an important part in your big day.  You have the shoes, the dress and your colors all set, but deciding on how to accessorize can be as impactful and as memorable as the overarching details.  Perhaps a sparkly bridal leg garter or a bold bow bracelet, there are a lot of bridal accessories that you can choose from which sometimes makes it harder to decide what to wear.  So here are a few feminine bridal accessories that are perfect to wear on your big day:


Lace your look with sweet femininity in these beautifully handcrafted heel accessories from the Lacing Love Collection!  These heel accessories can slip over your heels or ankles for an undeniably feminine finish.  No matter if you are walking down the aisle or doing your last dance, having these lacy accessories are a beautifully feminine way to make your look amazing.  


Light up each step with this ultra-feminine bridal anklet from the Starlet Collection!  This bow anklet features handcrafted tyes with edgy dovetail spiky details to give your look a unique and feminine finish.  Perfect as gifts for your bridal party or a treat to wear yourself, light up any room with the beautiful and feminine touch of the Starlet Anklet. 


Be the beautiful lady you are with this ultra-feminine leg garter from the Maiden Collection!  Walk down the aisle in sweet style with this irresistibly feminine lacy bridal leg garter.  This bridal leg garter features intricately detailed eyelet lace and sultry satin to give your bridal look a  feminine finish.  Walk down the aisle and into your future with the beautiful touch of lace and satin.