Say It With Sensual Lingerie Accessories

It's the weekend.  And sometimes you don't want to do anything.  You just want to lounge, eat some avocado toast have a mimosa and chill.  Why not?  Enjoy the moments you can.  But this weekend say something more. Show yourself a little love with sensual lingerie accessories.  Even if no one sees them, you can still be feeling yourself with these flirty and intimate accessories.  From leg garters to nipple clamps, there is nothing quite like the beauty and the imagination that lingerie accessories create.  Design your weekend with sensuality, freedom and fun with the Intimates Collection of sensual accessories.  You'll say more when your style becomes more intimate and classic.  Here are 3 sensual lingerie accessories you should consider enjoying for your weekend:

Sensual Lingerie Accessories

Black Leg Garters • Invitation Legtyes

It's the smallest thing that makes the biggest impact with these handcrafted leg garters designed to highlight your curves.  These black leg garters feature a bold handcrafted satin tye and soft elastic loops.  Perfect to wear under a short skirt, with your favorite lingerie set, or with nothing but just your bare skin.

Black Bow Pasties • Daisy Flower Nipple Covers

Less is more.  So show more skin with these handcrafted chiffon daisy nipple covers designed to light up your look with femininity, elegance and beauty.  Inspired by the beautiful and soft radiance of daisies, these flirty nipple covers will go with you wherever you want to take them.  Give a surprise strip tease or simply watch the news in them, the world is all yours in these flirty nipple covers.

Blush Cage Bra • Sensual Lingerie Harness

You know that feeling when you blush?  You heart beats fast.  Your palms might get a little sweaty.  Enjoy this flirty and feminine lingerie harness that can easily be worn under clothes for a sensual touch or all by itself.  Whenever you are having a dance party in your living room or getting ready for that third date, enjoy your sensuality and style with this sensual lingerie accessory.

 love, tara