Here's A Kiss 🎀 Self Love + French Kiss Collection

Inspired by all things love, the French Kiss Collection is designed to give your look a sensual feel that you can enjoy wearing with your most intimate looks or going-out style.  Style is a very personal decision, so show yourself a little love with this collection designed to light up your look with luxury and style.  Using clean lines and a distinctive pearl-link chain, this collection is designed to give your wardrobe versatility, beauty and luxury.  If you have ever wanted to experience accessorizing in a new way, allow this collection of lingerie intimates and sensual accessories to deliver a beautiful new way of styling your wardrobe.  Here are 4 items in this collection that you will want to enjoy:

 French Kiss Lingerie Accessories and Sensual Intimates

French Kiss Lingerie Harness

Kiss your torso with femininity and style in this ultra-versatile lingerie harness designed to make anything you wear a little more sensual.  Show yourself some love by allowing this lingerie harness to caress your torso with luxury, style and sensuality.  Delight your look instantly with this flirty lingerie harness.

French Kiss Necktie Necklace

Make anything look a little more sophisticated with this menswear-inspired necktie necklace designed to go with you wherever you go.  Innately versatile and super feminine, this necktie necklace is a beautiful way to show a little self love.

French Kiss Nipple Clamps

Kiss your most intimate areas with a hint of feminine sensuality in this beautifully sensual nipple clamp necklace that secures onto your nipples.  No need for piercings here, just a sexy imagination.  Enjoy wearing them around your boudoir or underneath a sheer shirt for a sexy surprise.

French Kiss Leg Garters

Allow yourself to create a sensual look again and again with these ultra-flattering leg garters that are perfect to wear under a short skirt, over leggings or with nothing at all.  Enjoy accessorizing your femininity with luxury in these pearl leg garters!

love, tara