Sensual Accessories • 3 Ways To Expand Your Wardrobe

Now is a perfect time to take stock of your wardrobe and see what you have been wearing and what you have been not wearing.  Purging the old to make room for the new and is a beautiful way to get ready for when the world opens back up again.  Designing wardrobe strategies is a beautiful way to make your time productive and preplanning outfits with items you already have is a great way to expand your wardrobe application and mileage.  Whether you are on a budget or looking to be #lush, each Tyes By Tara collection is designed to give you classic versatility that you can apply towards a variety of looks and occasions.  Flirt with a bodtye lingerie harness with your favorite little back dress or light up your professional vibe with a choker or necktie necklace.  Effectively and affordably transform your wardrobe with each collection designed to go with you wherever you want to go.  Here are 3 lingerie accessories and feminine jewelry pieces designed to help you accessorize your looks to make them go the extra mile:

 Sensual Accessories

Foxy Bodtye • A Seductively Sweet Lingerie Harness

You fox you:)  Allow sensuality to find you in this versatile and beautifully handcrafted lingerie harness that will make a simple white t-shirt look sexy.  This picot-trimmed elastic lingerie harness is simple and features straps that embrace the torso and the waistline to define your look.  Pair this with anything your heart desires to create a sensual look again and again.

Lady Heeltyes • Ladylike Shoe Straps & Bows 

Step with the ladylike qualities in you with these flirty and feminine shoe bows that will go the extra mile with you!  These intricately detailed elastic shoe straps are a beautiful way to transform any pair of heels!  Wear them around your ankles, heels, or around your heels for that lil extra extra that you all desire!

XO Ringtye • Feminine Bow Ring

Kiss your fingers with flirtation and femininity in this bow ring designed to light up your look and everything you touch.  Enjoy flirting without saying a thing at all with this handcrafted satin bow ring that will perfectly go with a variety of looks.  Take this feminine bow ring with you wherever you want to go!

love, tara