Sensual Accessorizing 🎀 Feminine Chokers

Accessorizing is the art of accenting your look.  This can be done subtly or overly.  But the most important thing is to harmonize your outfit.  This includes things like balance, contrast, focus points and all these things that make a stylist a stylist.  No matter if you are a stylist or not, having a good eye takes practice and training.   Strategically placed accessories look polished and sought after whereas haphazardly placed accessories could look drab or not so thought out.  But one accessory that will look good no matter what your outfit is, is the choker.  Yes, the choker.  This homage of the 1990s has been back on trend for some time now and it is not going anywhere, anytime soon.  So having at least one choker in your jewelry box is a total win.  This will make the focus point of your look higher, around your face distracting from your body, which allows your onlookers to look at your face more than any other part of your outfit.  If you are looking to accessorize your look, here are 3 feminine chokers you need to consider:

Feminine Choker

Feminine Choker | Marie Antoinette Bow Choker

Nothing says feminine quite like a tye.  And this choker is no exception.  The Marie Antoinette bow choker features a soft velvet material and a handcrafted tye so that you can wear it anywhere your heart desires.  Perfect for an evening in your boudoir or a night out with friends, this handcrafted bow choker is the perfect accessory to add into your jewelry box.

Feminine Choker | Chantilly Lace Choker 

Lace your look with elegance, sophistication and femininity in this lace choker that will light up any look.  The Chantilly lace choker features a soft metallic lace and a satin ribbon accent so that you can wear it with your favorite little black dress, lingerie set or even your business suit.  Instantly add a touch of femininity with this beautifully handmade choker.

Feminine Choker | Hickey Bow Choker

Make your mark with this sophisticatedly simple bow choker designed to highlight your look with femininity and style.  The Hickey bow choker features a handcrafted satin tye and soft satin choker that secures with a clasp.  Wear this sensual little thing whenever you want a touch of femininity to your look.  Perfect for a day at work or a night out and about, the options and versatility is all yours with this feminine choker.


Love, Tara