Sensual Accessorizing 🎀 Nipple Covers

When it's time to explore your sensuality, there is nothing better than doing it with confidence.  Sometimes we don't know what we like and we don't know how to make the most of what we have.  Sensual accessorizing is just like normal accessorizing except it allows you to explore your body more.  Your curves.  Your humps.  Your everything.  The Pastyes Collection of feminine nipple covers invites you to explore your sensuality like never before.  Whether you are giving a private striptease or want something new in your life, having reusable nipple covers are a great way to sensually accessorize. Not only are they are great way to show off your curves, you can also wear them with a lot of different looks to give you the confidence and the playfulness that comes along with sensual accessorizing.  Discover your sensuality with these must-have nipple covers that are designed to light up your world with sensual style:

 Princesa Nipple Cover Pasties

Sensual Accessories | Princesa Nipple Covers

Sparkle the way you were meant to with these ultra-feminine nipple covers designed to light up your world with sweetness.  This princess-inspired nipple covers feature a radiate rhinestone mesh trim and soft satin tye that you can wear with you around the house, when you are sunbathing or in your boudoir.  Illuminate your sensuality with these ultra-feminine nipple covers.

Sensual Accessories | Invitation Nipple Covers

You're invited to explore your curves with feminine sensuality in these ultra-feminine nipple covers!  The Invitation Pastyes nipple covers feature an intricate design and playful satin tye that you can wear to the top or off to the side for a little playful flair.  Perfect to wear with your favorite boudoir look or under a blazer for a little bit of flashy flash.

Sensual Accessories | Kitty Nipple Covers

Awaken your inner kitten with these wildly sweet nipple covers designed to make your kittens prrr in sweet seduction.  The Kitty Pasties nipple covers feature a handcrafted satin tye and sexy Russian veiling accents so you can create a kittenish-look anytime your heart desires.  Wear these with your favorite boudoir look or high-waisted panties for an irresistible feminine finish.