Sensual Intimates for A Weekend Getaway

It's the weekend.  TIme for a little escape from the day to day routine.  The weekend is the perfect time to reconnect with your imagination and soul to discover your innermost feelings and desires.  No matter if you are going to a mountain cabin, posh beach house or simply your bedroom, having a place of solitude in important not only for your mental health but also your spirit.  Explore your desires with sensual curiosity and without abandon with a few sensual intimates that you can have all by yourself or share with someone you love.  Here are a few sensual and feminine intimates that are perfect for your next weekend getaway:


Sweeten your style with the soft touch of dainty chain and handcrafted satin tyes in the Honey Bratye bra chain.  This beautiful bra chain features the silhouette of a bra but with the finish of a necklace.  Wear this sensual feminine intimate accessory with your favorite tube top, dress or lingerie set.  Soften your look instantly with this radiately beautiful bra chain.


Accessorize with sweet luxury in these feminine leg garters from the Centerfold Collection!  These beautifully handcrafted leg garters feature a handcrafted satin tye and luxurious pearl link chain to create a look that is sensual and feminine.  Wear these luxurious leg garters with under a short skirt or with your favorite lingerie set.   The weekend is all yours with these luxuriously feminine leg garters. 


Sparkle in your own sensuality with these flirty and sensual nipple covers designed to highlight your femininity.  The Princesa nipple cover pasties feature a radiate rhinestone mesh trim and soft felt backing so that you can use them again and again.  Wherever the weekend takes you, explore your sensual side in style with these radiately feminine nipple cover pasties!