Sensual Intimates for Halloween Night

It's Halloween.  A fun time of year to be whoever you want to be.  Whether you are dancing the night away, handing out candy to treat or treaters or spending the night in your boudoir, allow the magic of Halloween infuse your style.  A hint of femininity can instantly transform your look with the simple addition of a piece of jewelry, a feminine accessory or a sensual intimate.  No matter who you want to be this year, celebrate your femininity in style with these sensual intimates perfect for Halloween:


Delight your torso with this menswear-inspired lingerie harness designed to make everything you wear with it a little sexier.  This feminine intimate is a beautiful way to transform your lingerie, suit or whatever look you desire.  The Femme Fatale lingerie harness features a handcrafted satin tye and soft elastic straps to make your look sensually sweet and undeniably sexy.


Where luxury and femininity collide.  No matter who you decide to be this Halloween, allow the luxury of the Centerfold pearl leg garters enchant your sensual side.  These feminine and sensual intimates are perfect to wear under a short skirt or over leggings to highlight your thighs and cheeks.  The Centerfold pearl leg garters feature a luxurious pearl strand with a soft elastic band accented with a handcrafted satin tye.  These pearl leg garters are so versatile you might want to wear them all night long:)


Tonight allow your inner seductress come out and play with these sparkly and sensual feminine handcuffs from the Vixen Collection!  These ultra-sparkly handcuffs are perfect for tying you up to help you release your most intimate desires.  Allow the power of bondage and the beauty of the Vixen sparkly handcuffs light up your Halloween night.  Celebrate your femininity all night long.