Sensual Intimates for Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day.  A day where we celebrate moms.  Dog moms.  Cat moms. Human moms.  All moms.  Whether you are a mom or want to celebrate a mom, today is a beautiful day to celebrate all things feminine.  Enjoying an afternoon walk with mom or getting some mani-pedis with mom, or whatever you are doing to celebrate motherhood, make sure you accessorize with feminine intimates.  Feminine intimates like leg garters, lingerie harnesses, nipple covers, and even nipple clamps, allowing you to sensually accessorize with a feminine touch.  This Mother's Day, capture all things feminine in your accessorizing strategy.  Give feminine accessories as a gift or, if you are a mom, enjoy them yourself.  Whatever you decide to do this Mother's Day, incorporate femininity and style together with the Intimates Collection.  This diverse and beautiful range of sensual and feminine intimates allow you to accessorize with beauty and womanly accents.  Here are a few feminine and sensual intimates to wear or to give this Mother's Day:

Sensual Feminine Intimates Lingerie Accessories

Sensual Intimates | Honey Bra Chain

Enjoy your sensuality this Mother's Day with the Honey Bra Chain.  This delightfully feminine bra chain features handcrafted satin tyes and lead-free chain.  This sensual intimate is so versatile that you can wear it over your bra, under a loose shirt or however you want to.  Enjoy your femininity this Mother's Day with undeniably sensual and irresistible femininity in the Honey Bra Chain!

Sensual Intimates | French Kiss Lingerie Harness

Kiss your look with the sweetest of accents in this flirty and sensual lingerie harness that is as versatile as you want it to be!  This luxuriously feminine lingerie harness features glass pearl detail and soft elastic straps so that you can wear it over a shirt, under a blazer or simply against your bare skin.  Enjoy sensuality, femininity and style all at once with this luxurious lingerie harness.

Sensual Intimates | Invitation Leg Garters 

Delight your style with sensuality in these invitingly feminine leg garters.  Inspired by lingerie and bondage, the Invitation Leg Garters feature soft elastic straps and handcrafted satin tyes.  Wear these flirty leg garters under a short skirt, your favorite lingerie set or perhaps nothing at all.  Enjoy the fusion of femininity and style in these sensual intimates.