Sensual Magic with Black Leg Garters

There is an accessory that is often overlooked.  An accessory that is dismissed and infrequently noticed.   This lingerie accessory is a blend of the boudoir and the street.  Yet, it is often unadopted and poorly integrated.  What is this lingerie accessory?  Black leg garters.  The kind that you can wear to add an element of seduction to your look.  These beautiful lingerie accessories are designed to celebrate your curves and accent your legs.  While we occasionally see them walking down the runway or down the street, there are so many styling opportunities these lingerie accessories have.  No matter if you are enjoying quiet moments in your boudoir or heading out to a party, discover a fresh way of accessories with black leg garters.  Ahead are 3 black leg garters you should consider adding to your lingerie accessory wardrobe:

 Black Leg Garters

Black Leg Garters • Invitation Legtyes

Inspired by the beauty and power of bondage, these black leg garters are designed to light up your look effortlessly.  Whether you are dancing the night away or wanting to try a new accessorizing approach, these double-banded leg garters are a beautiful way to show off your thighs!  Wear these invitation-only leg garters under a skirt or with your favorite lingerie set to create a hint of accessorizing magic.

Black Leg Garters • Vice Chain Legtyes 

What's your vice?  Discover it again and again and with all new looks with these edgy but sweet black chain leg garters from the Vice Collection!  Designed to be wore to the front, back or side, these sexy little nothings are the perfect way to discover new accessorizing opportunities.   Wear them over black leggings, under a short skirt or perhaps for your next strip tease, discover your sensual magic with these black leg garters!

Light up your look with the hint of sensual sparkle in these handcrafted rhinestone mesh leg garters from the Princesa Collection.  A playfully feminine satin tye delights any look you want.  Wear these black sparkly leg garters with your favorite little black dress or lingerie set.  Discover your sensual magic.
love, tara