Sensual Secrets with Nipple Accessories✨

It's that time of year again.  When the leaves turn gold, the wind gets crisp and pumpkin-flavored everything becomes available.  As the nights turn colder and the days start to get shorter, reconnect with yourself and your sensuality.  The Pastyes Collection of feminine nipple accessories is designed to help you do just that.  To help you discover your sensuality by showing you how to crown your celebrates and enjoy all that you are.  Ranging in styles from luxurious to girly, this collection wants to help you light up your most intimate moments, whether it's for yourself or the one(s) that you love.  Perfectly paired to be styled for your everyday, these handcrafted nipple covers will have you sparkling in all the right places.  Keep them as a surprise or show them to the world, walk down the street or put on that burlesque show, no matter how or when you wear them, remember it's all about celebrating your femininity and finding refreshing new nipple accessories to style them.  Ahead are 3 nipple cover accessories to consider that will light up these cold fall nights: Nipple Accessories

Feminine Nipple Covers | Vanity Black Heart Pasties

Wear your heart where it counts with these sparkly nipple covers inspired by all things love and romance.  The Vanity black heart nipple covers feature a subdued pink heart, handcrafted black tye and soft, reusable felt backing so that you can enjoy these feminine nipple accessories again and again.

Feminine Nipple Covers | Kitty Sensual Nipple Accessories

Make your kittens prrrr in seductively sweet style in these handcrafted nipple covers designed to light up your most intimate moments.  The Kitty nipple covers feature sexy Russian veiling that resemble kitten whiskers.  Make your way to seductively sweet style in these must have nipple covers!

Feminine Nipple Covers | Pearlure Luxuriously Feminine Pearl Nipple Accessories

Delight your look in these luxuriously feminine nipple covers designed to tease and play!  Luxurious teardrop pearls dangle with seduction while a sparkly nipple cover creates a look you can wear again and again.  Wear these under a blazer for a seductive surprise or enjoy them all by themselves.

love, tara