Sensual Sensations: Nipple Clamps

Free your nipples to experience new sensations.  After all, this erogenous zone of magical nerve endings allows you to experience sensual sensations.  Applying the smallest amount of pressure to the nipples can cause a large sensational impact.  With a rumored origin stemming from ancient Japanese kimono making, the nipple clamps are intimate accessories that are perfect for you to give to someone you love or experiment with them all by yourself.  The Niptyes nipple clamps collection is designed to do exactly that, give you a first taste of nipple clamps to experience this sensual sensation.  Here are a few nipple clamps that you need in your intimate jewelry wardrobe:


Be the bombshell that you are with these irresistibly feminine nipple clamps designed to bring out the femininity in you!  These originally fresh nipple clamps feature a handcrafted satin tye and adjustable horseshoe nipple clamps designed to give you the softest of sensual sensations.  You decide the level of pleasure or pain by inserting more of the nipple behind the clamps.  Wear these intimate accessories with your favorite high-waisted panties or with nothing at all:)


Unleash your own sensual desires with these ultra-seductive nipple clamps designed to bring out the kinkette in you!  The Kinkette nipple clamps feature a sparkly elastic choker with a handcrafted tye to give you a kittenish finish.  Dainty, lead-free chain dangle across the torso to give you a sensual look.  Flexible horseshoe clamps secure onto the nipples to deliver the sweetest of sensations.  Wear these nipple clamps with your favorite lowcut shirt for instant sensual appeal.

 SECRETS NIPPLE CLAMPS's our secret:)  Explore the sweetest of sensations with these nipple clamps from the Secrets Collection!  These dainty yet powerful nipple clamps are designed to be worn discreetly while delivering the sweetest of sensual sensations.  These nipple clamps feature handcrafted organza tyes and flexible nipple clamps to give you a sensual finish without the commitment of getting your nipples pierced!  Enjoy the most sensual of's our secret:)