Sensual Surrender 🎀 Feminine Handcuffs

Bondage.  The art of restricting movement.  The exploration of pleasure, of boundaries and for sensual experimentation. Bondage is a spectrum that ranges from light to serious.  Whether you are a seasoned seductress or a whimsy flirt, having explored bondage will make you aware of your comfort level and how to make the most of this sensual subject.  The Tyecuffs Collection is a range of flirty bondage that allows you to explore bondage without the fear of it getting too serious where you can not escape.  Whether you are trying for a night or just want to see what it is like, having a few options for soft bondage is always a fun and flirty way to go.  Give them as a gift to your partner or surprise a loved one, having these sensual tools of seduction at your bedside will light up your imagination to create intimate moments and memories that will last.  Here are a few soft bondage handcuffs for your next sensual experience:

 Pearl Handcuffs Feminine Sensual Accessories

Mademoiselle Pearl Handcuffs

Delight your senses with these sensually sweet pearl handcuffs designed to give luxurious sensual experiences that will last and last.  These pearl handcuffs feature creamy glass pearl beads and luxuriously long satin ribbon so that you can tye them around the wrists or the ankles to create luxuriously memorable sensual experiences that you can repeat over and over again:)

 ExGirlfriend Handcuffs

Rebound with a little vengeance in these chic and fashionable handcuffs designed to give you the confidence in the bedroom when you want it most.  The ExGirlfriend Handcuffs feature a bangle-style cuff and long satin tyes so that you can have the versatility and the freedom to explore any way you like.  Slip them off when things get a little too crazy or tye them tighter, the choice is all yours.

FrouFrou Handcuffs

Light up your boudoir with a little flirtation in these marabou handcuffs designed to make your most sensual moments even sweeter.  The FrouFrou handcuffs feature a flirty marabou trim and long satin tyes so that you can have all the sensual fun and pleasure you want.  Use them around your wrists or your ankles for an unforgettable night of passion and pleasure.