Sexy Bunny: Bow Chokers

Flirt with style this Easter with these bunny-inspired chokers designed to help you create that sexy bunny look!  Whether you are hopping around town or just enjoying a little fun at home, having flirty bow chokers to help you highlight your neck and shoulders is always a great idea.  Not only are these chokers versatile so that you can wear them beyond a bunny look, but they are also fun to wear out for ladies night, in your boudoir or even to the office for your next meeting.  Whether you want to go bold or go dainty, having a beautiful mix of bow chokers in your jewelry wardrobe will make it even easier to pull off your next bunny look.  Wear them with a jewelry set, bunny ears or even wear them with a business suit, having at least one bow choker in your wardrobe is a great way to accessorize any look.  Here are a few bow chokers for your bunny look:

Sexy Chokers

Lady Bow Choker

Introduce a little femininity into any look with this versatile bow choker!  This choker features an intricate elastic fit with handcrafted tyes that enhance the back of the neck for a flirty style that is undeniably feminine.  Wear this with your bunny suit, lingerie set, business attire or even perhaps not a thing at all:)  Discover style through femininity with this sexy choker. 

Femme Fatale Bow Choker

Discover sophistication with this versatile and simple bow choker!  Inspired by all things menswear, the Femme Fatale bow choker features a handcrafted satin tye and soft elastic choker band so that you can comfortably wear it all day and all night long!  Elicit the bunny in you!

Marie Antoinette Bow Choker 

If there is only one choker you have in your jewelry wardrobe, make it the Marie Antoinette bowtye bow choker!  This beautifully handmade choker features a luxurious velvet choker that is as kittenish as you can get.  Wear this sexy choker with your bunny suit, lingerie set or with whatever your heart desires.  There is nothing better than a sexy choker to complete your look.