Simple Accessorizing with Eartyes

Accessorizing can be simple.  It can be fun.  And it can light up your look.  No matter if you are heading into a big meeting, out with your #mancrush or simply enjoying coffee with a friend, allow the Eartyes Collection of feminine bow earrings to accompany you wherever you want to go.  This simple and effective accessorizing tools will easily adapt to a variety of looks.  So you can be as formal or as laidback as you want to be to enjoy a little sweetness in your accessorizing strategy.  This collection is inspired by glamour, beauty and femininity so you can enjoy taking these classic bow earrings with you wherever you want to go.  Read on to discover 3 eartyes bow earrings that you should have on heavy rotation:

Adore Sparkly Bow Earrings

Coax Eartyes • Feminine Bow Hoops

Every woman needs a good go-to hoop earring!  And these are so simple, so feminine and so versatile that they can adapt to a variety of different looks.  These hoop earrings from the Coax Collection feature handcrafted satin tyes and a lead-free hoop earring that you can wear with your favorite little black dress, sexy nothing or business suit.  Enjoy effortless accessorizing with these flirty bow hoop earrings. 

Honey Eartyes • Simple Bow Earrings 

Sometimes you just need something simple.  Something that doesn't draw too much attention but just enough to make a subtle statement.  These flirty bow earrings are a beautiful way to create a feminine statement with whatever you want to wear.  These bow earrings feature a leverback earwire and a handcrafted satin tye that you can take with you wherever you want to go!

 Marie Antoinette Eartyes • Pearl Velvet Bow Earrings 

Enjoy a little luxury everywhere you go with these handcrafted bow earrings from the Marie Antoinette Collection!  Inspired by all things vintage, these flirty and feminine bow earrings will become an instant classic in your look.  These bow earrings feature a handcrafted velvet tyes and a luxurious glass teardrop pearl.  Take these elegantly feminine bow earrings from the boardroom to your boudoir!


love, tara