So Bossy: Necktie Necklaces

When it's time to get up and get to work, sometimes the last thing on your mind is what is around your neck, your wrists or even your fingers.  Having the time to accessorize your work look can make or break your style.  Strategically procuring and placing the right accessories with the right outfit can make you a master of the accessorizing game.  The Necktye necktie necklace collection is designed for those on the move that need an easy accessorizing solution that is fashionable, easy to wear and versatile for many looks.  Whether you are leading a presentation or answering phones all day, brighten your look with the sweet addition of a necktie necklace to your look!  Here are a few necktie necklaces that you will want to wear to work:


Be the centerfold of your own magazine with this luxuriously sweet necktie necklace from the Centerfold Collection!  This simple yet bold necktie necklace features a creamy, glass pearl strand with a dainty black chain to frame your look with a menswear-inspired finish.  Wear this beautiful necktie necklace with your favorite blazer to give your look a feminine yet bossy accent.  Perfect for work and even out to play!


Kiss your look with the sweetest of accents in this luxuriously feminine necktie necklace designed to flirt with your style.  The French Kiss necktie necklace features a dainty pearl link chain and dramatic black chain detail to highlight your decollete with femininity and structure.  This necktie necklace is a beautiful addition to your favorite business suit or even a lingerie set.  Give your look a little luxury with this irresistibly feminine necktie necklace. 


Where sophistication and style collide.  The La Sophisticate Necktye necktie necklace is a simple yet elegant way to accessorize for your everyday work day!  This necktie necklace features a single pearl link that sits at the nape of the neck to give your look a sophisticated statement.  Long satin ribbons encircle the neck to give you the ability to wear it long or short like a choker.  Where will this necktie necklace take you?