So Classy 🎀 Feminine Jewelry

Discovering style is something that is a personal process.  It depends on your likes, your dislikes, your preferences, and your taste.  What's in trend right now might be your thing or it might not.  That is why it is important to define your style through accessorizing.  Shopping for the basics is always a great strategy, but then transforming those basics into a style statement with feminine jewelry and accessories is a wise investment.  Accessories tend to cost less, allows you to wear them with several different looks and can draw the line on your style.  Create a classic look that is all your own over and over again with the Jewelry Collection.  This collection of bow necklaces, necktie necklaces, bow rings, bow bracelets, and feminine earrings allows you to play with your style to create that classy look.  No matter where you are going in this world, having a solid jewelry box full of accessorizing opportunity is always a win.  Here are a few pieces of feminine jewelry to create your next classy look:

 Enki in the La Sophisticate Bow Necklace Feminine Jewelry

La Sophisticate Bow Necklace

Enchant your look with the touch of luxury and femininity in this ultra-versatile and irresistibly classy bow necklace!  This bow necklace features a handcrafted satin tye and lead-free chain so that you can wear it all day and all night.  Perfect to wear to work or a night on the town, enjoy a little sophistication and a little luxury all at the same time!  This bow necklace is the perfect feminine accessory to have in your jewelry box!

Femme Fatale Bow Earrings 

Be the femme fatale that you are whenever you feel like it with these ultra-feminine bow earrings designed to light up your collarbone and cheeks.  These flirty bow earrings feature a handcrafted satin tye and lead-free earring post so that you can wear them as long as you desire.  Discover style in simplicity with these classic and feminine bow earrings.  Wear them with your little black dress or nothing at all:)

Hickey Tyelet Bow Bracelet

Kiss your look with the sweetest of accents in this versatile and classic bow bracelet designed for you to leave your mark.  This beautifully versatile bow bracelet is perfect to wear with your business suit or night on the town gear when you go out with your #squad.  No matter where you want to go, take this feminine bow bracelet with you!