Sophistication Meets Style 🎀 Meet the La Sophisticate Collection

When it's time to look your best, you want to feel your best.  Having the confidence, independence and freedom to choose what you want to wear and how you want to wear it is an important part of styling success.  No matter if you want to dress it up or play it cool, having an accessory wardrobe that supports your life and your #currentmood is essential.  That is one of the inspirations behind the La Sophisticate Collection.  This collection is designed for the luxury lover with the budget wallet.  Designed for the discerning female who wants it all, this collection is the perfect way to highlight your femininity with class, elegance and, of course, sophistication.  Here is a quick glance at each item in the collection:

La Sophisticate Feminine Jewelry

La Sophisticate Necktie Necklace

Designed to elicit the feminine style in you, this simple and luxurious necktie necklace is the perfect way to show off you decollete.  Wear it with a blazer, a collared shirt or not a thing at all, this beautifully simple necktie necklace features a single pearl that dangles innocently at the nape of the neck.  Enjoy a little style wherever you go with this necktie necklace.

La Sophisticate Bow Necklace

For the sophisticated lady that you are, enjoy a little simple style with anything you want to wear in this handcrafted black bow and pearl necklace.  Featuring a dainty satin tye and luxurious glass pearl, this necklace is a must have for any accessory wardrobe.  Discover style in femininity with this bow necklace.

La Sophisticate Bow Anklet

Walk your way into style and seduction with this flirty and feminine bow anklet designed to bring out the feminine style in you! This bow anklet will go with you wherever you want to go!  Create a look that says confidence, independence and femininity with this versatile black bow anklet!