Spike of Sensuality 🥂 Boudoir Jewelry

If you have ever had a boudoir session, then you now that feeling of being exposed.  Not only physically, but also emotionally and spirituality.  This beautiful experience not only celebrates your body but also your soul.  It defines the people you attract and the people that you need to let go of.  Everyone should at least once in their life experience the power of boudoir.  To keep this experience going, boudoir jewelry is a beautiful way to celebrate all that you are.  Whether you want to celebrate your neck, your curves, your legs or even your feet, there is always something to celebrate.  That is why the jewelry collection discovers beautiful ways to accessorize your everyday with a hint of boudoir.  This collection of boudoir jewelry ranges from something simple like a black choker to something bold like a black bracelet cuff.  The options are all yours with this collection of handcrafted boudoir jewelry.  Here are a few pieces of boudoir jewelry you should consider next time you are looking for something to carry that experience with you:

Boudoir Jewelry

Boudoir Jewelry | Hickey Bow Choker

Delight your neck with a sweet touch of femininity with this ultra-feminine bow choker designed to light up your look with boudoir style.  The Hickey bow choker features a handcrafted satin tye and luxurious satin choker to create a look that radiates boudoir.

Boudoir Jewelry | Executive Necktie Necklace

Discover sensuality effortlessly with this boudoir-inspired necktie necklace designed to highlight the neck with sophisticated femininity.  The Executive necktie necklace features petite glass pearls and lead-free chain with a clasp closure.  Wear this necktie necklace with your favorite collared shirt, little black dress or nothing at all.

Boudoir Jewelry | Highness Bow Ring

Flirtation is at your fingertips with the Highness bow ring!  This piece of boudoir jewelry is perfect to wear anytime your heart desires.  Light up any look with femininity, sophistication and fashion with this handcrafted bow ring.

love, tara