Staying Focused with Feminine Bow Headbands

Have you ever felt the frustration of your hair being in the way?  Maybe when you are working out, at work or even just cleaning your closet.  Sometimes you just need to stay focused and not let anything get in your way.  And that includes your hair.  The Tyeras Collection of feminine headbands are designed to not only be a versatile fashion accessory but also to be used to keep your hair under control so that you can maintain your focus on what matters most.  These feminine headbands come from different sources of inspiration and can be used in a variety of different occasions and ways.  Discover accessorizing with feminine style with ease, beauty and elegance.  Here are 3 feminine headbands you should consider for when you need to maintain your focus:

feminine headbands

Lady Tyera • A Versatile Feminine Headband

Have you ever wanted to go to a spin class, a yoga retreat or just a long run on the treadmill while keeping your hair back but stylish?  If so, than look no further than the Lady Tyera.  This versatile headband features a beautiful intricate elastic that you can comfortably wear from yoga to a fancy dinner.  This beautiful headband has a small tye that you can wear to the top, side or back of your hairstyle so that you can enjoy stylish accessorizing no matter where you are.

 Chantilly Tyera • A Lacy and Elegant Headband

Sometimes to want something a little extra.  It doesn't need to be flashy or expensive.  Just something to kick up your style a notch.  The Chantilly lace headband is a beautiful addition to any hairstyle.  No matter if you are a mile into your run or on the last paragraph of your work white paper, this elegant and feminine lacy headband will help you keep your focus and finish your look with femininity.

 Foxy Tyera • Simplicity Meets Style 

You so foxy.  Discover beautiful style with this lingerie-inspired feminine headband that will go wherever you go. From the locker room to the office, this headband features a beautiful picot-trimmed headband that has a handcrafted satin tye to accent your look with elegance and femininity.


with love, tara