Strength X Femininity 🖤 Black Hair Bows

A question that is often asked, why black?  Why so much black?  What about other colors like yellow?  First, I love black. Black symbolizes so much.  It is synonymous with power, versatility, class and strength.  It is the absence of color and that is why I love it so much.  I practically goes with everything and is one of the brands' colors for a reason.  Because it is beautiful alone and is required by other colors to add depthness and vibrancy.   And I am not the only one that has realized this powerful accent.  Many Hollywood stylists have as well.  You might have noticed several black fashion accessories on the red carpet.  My favorite?  The black hair bow.  It symbolizes a silent and powerful strength we have as females. Black hair bows decorated buns, ponytails, braids and more.  This versatile and beautiful fashion accessory is the perfect way to instantly transform your hairstyle.  Here are some black hair bows you should consider adding into your accessory wardrobe:

 Black Hair Bow

Black Lace Hair Bow | Bougie Hairtye

Enjoy class and elegnace with this ultra-feminine black lace hair bow!  The Bougie hair bow features a delicate and feminine black lace with a salon-style hair bow comb that you can easily insert into any hairstyle you want.  Perfect for a black tie event or simply louging around your boudoir.  Experience new hairstyles like never before!

Classic Black Hair Bow | Princesa Hairtye

Crown yourself a princesa in this beautifully handcrafted black hair bow! The Princesa black hair bow features a soft satin tye and salon-style hair bow comb that you can insert into a ponytail, bun or even a fishbone braid.  The options are all yours with this ultra-feminine black hair bow!

Black Hair Bow | Petite Velvet Marie Antoinette Hairtye 

Sometimes you don't want all the boldness of a hair bow.  You might want just a little accent that can easily transform a look without being overpowering.  The Marie Antoinette black hair bow is the perfect remedy for this situation.  Insert it into your favorite hairstyle for an instant hair elevation you can't help but enjoy.

love, tara