Styling with Lingerie Accessories

What are lingerie accessories?  And how do you style with them?  You may have noticed on the #gram, on blogs or even just walking down the street that lingerie styling is a popular trend, especially during these warm summer months.  But how do you style them?  That is a great question and one that will be answered in this blog post.  Lingerie accessories are ancillary designs made to give intimate support or for aesthetic purposes.  They take the form of a variety of different items, nipple covers, leg garters, nipple accessories, cage bras, lingerie harnesses and more.  Wear them under loose or sheer clothing items will create a sensual look that you can wear in the bedroom and beyond.  Here are 3 lingerie accessories that you should consider when you want to widen your accessory wardrobe:

Bratyes • Harness and Cage Bras

 If you are looking for a sensual way to create a look, than the Bratye Collection of cage bras is a beautiful place to start.  These handcrafted cage bras define the torso to give your look a sensual finish.  Wear them under a loose shirt, over a form-fitting dress or perhaps just against your skin.  Delight your look with femininity and style with this collection of edgy yet sweet cage bras. 

Niptyes • Sensual Feminine Nipple Clamps

Experience the sweetness of sensations with the Niptyes Collection of feminine and sensual nipple clamps! These flirty and feminine nipple clamps are non-piercing so that you can enjoy wearing them any time you please.  Wear these feminine intimate accessories under your favorite sheer shirt, a sexy blazer or nothing at all!  Enjoy intimate accessorizing with the these powerfully feminine nipple clamps.

 Legtyes • Feminine Leg Garters

Celebrate your curves with this collection of sensually feminine leg garters.  The Legtye Collection is designed to highlight your thighs with femininity, elegance and style.  These unexpectedly delightful feminine accessories are a unique way to accessorize inside and outside the bedroom.  Whether you want to enjoy wearing them under a short skirt, over shorts or with your favorite lingerie set, this collection of feminine leg garters will create a flawlessly feminine finish.


love, tara