Stylist Approved Hair Accessories

Your hair.  You can love it.  Hate it.  And not really know what to do with it.  There are a variety of sources of inspiration to help your imagination light up with ideas.  You can even make a dedicated Pinterest board to store all of your hair inspiration.  But when it comes to making a decision about what hair accessories you should integrate into your hair accessory wardrobe, allow the Hairtyes Collection of feminine hair accessories be your friend.   These simple and stylish hair bow combs transcend all things feminine and makes any hairstyle flirty and seductive.  Read ahead to discover three stylist-approved black hair bows that you need in your life:

Stylist Approved Hair Accessories

 The Classic: Princesa Black Hair Bow Comb

Looking for something timeless?  Something that will take your hair back a century but still appear to be amazingly modern?  The Princesa hair bow, one of the original hair bow combs of the collection, is a beautiful and simple hair bow comb that can transform any hairstyle to a look that is beautifully feminine and original.  Perfect for the pinup in you, this classic hair bow is made for the timeless classic in you.  Crown any hairstyle with this black hair bow comb!

The Romantic: Bougie Black Lace Hair Bow Comb

Light up the romantic in you with this lacy and extra black lace hair bow from the Bougie Collection!  This ultra-feminine hair bow is inspired by all things luxurious, feminine and extra.  Perfect for any formal event or night on the town, enjoy feminine accessorizing with this lacy black hair bow.  Simply insert it into any hairstyle that you heart desires.

The Dreamer: Doll Satin Black Hair Bow Comb

For the one that loves to dream, to idealize and to imagine, this black satin hair bow is for you!  The Doll satin black hair bow comb is inspired by the perfect for of the doll with a playful twist.  Long, exaggerated tails wisp around playfully with every move you make.  Wear this versatile black hair bow with your favorite business suit, little black dress or nothing at all:)

 love, tara