Summer Heat 🎀 Feminine Headbands

Summer.  Long hot days full of sunshine, lemonade stands and ice cream cones. Enjoy the moments of summer in sweet style with headbands that left your hair off your neck and allow you to enjoy style without the fuss.  The Tyera Collection of feminine headbands is designed for the female looking to create a feminine look without much effortless.  No matter what kinds of hair day you are having, let the Tyera Collection of feminine headbands show you how to enjoy style and flirtation all with a simple accessory.  The Tyera Collection features feminine details like pearls, soft elastic and satin so that you can dress them up or down and can be as versatile as you want them to be!  Enjoy the heat in style with feminine hair chains designed to turn any hair day into a beautiful one.  Discover style and accessorizing opportunities with these Tyera headbands and hair chains that you should consider everyday of summer:

Feminine Hair Chains 

Feminine Hair Accessories || French Kiss Hairbands

Delight any look with elegance and femininity in the French Kiss pearl headband.  This feminine headband features creamy glass pearls and a long satin ribbon tye that you can wear anyway your heart desires.  The French Kiss pearl headband can be worn around your head like a crown, around your neck like a choker or anyway that you want to incorporate elegance and femininity into your look.

Feminine Hair Accessories || Doll Bow Headband

Discover femininity in every hair style with the Doll bow headband designed to make your look feminine and stylish.  The Doll bow headband features a handcrafted satin tye and soft elastic band that you can wear to the front, back or side to make your look effortlessly versatile and feminine.  Wear with a bun, a ponytail or anyway your heart desires.

Feminine Hair Accessories || Lady Headband

Light up your look with sweet femininity in the Lady Tyera headband.  This intricately detailed headband features a handcrafted tye that you can wear to the side, underneath a ponytail or bun or up top.  Accessorizing has never been easier with this feminine and flirty headband designed to create an effortlessly feminine look over and over again.